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Sep 2013

Woman gets probation for mischief by fire and hurting girlfriend’s mum

Wee Pan Lee acted for the accused in this matter.

A marketing executive was spared a jail term and given probation instead for mischief by fire and splashing turpentine on her girlfriend’s mother.

Sherilyn Teo Li Ying, 26, admitted to setting aflame the main gate of her girlfriend’s unit and splashing turpentine on Madam Leow Bee Choo, 49, causing injuries to her eye and skin on her chest area.

A Community Court was told that Teo was in a relationship with Ms Gladys Chien Wai Ting at the time. After an argument over relationship issues, she went to the 20-year-old’s flat in Redhill Road on Sept 24 with a bottle of turpentine and a bottle of chlorine.

After she was let into the flat by the mother, Teo went into Ms Chien’s bedroom while she was sleeping and poured turpentine onto a rag and placed it beside the bed as well as on the floor near the entrance. When Madam Leow returned shortly and smelt something odd, she asked Teo who claimed ignorance and left for her workplace.

When Ms Chien and her mother realised what Teo had done, they called Teo who initially denied but later admitted to pouring turpentine. This escalated into a dispute between them.

Teo became very upset, bought another two bottles of turpentine and a lighter, and returned to the flat to commit the offences.

Teo’s lawyer Wee Pan Lee said his client who has been found to be suffering from adjustment disorder had an intimate relationship with Ms Chien who cheated and belittled her.

Teo tried to stop Ms Chien from seeing the latter’s former girlfriend by buying her gifts and became indebted as a result.

Teo was sentenced to 18 months’ probation on Friday. She has to do 80 hours of community service and to attend counselling to address her adjustment disorder.

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